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Custom Gaming PC Singapore

Welcome to Epic Desktop

Epic Desktop is a well-established and reputable Custom PC builder in Singapore. We specialize in building custom Gaming PC that are tailored to your intended purposes. Our team of professionals are well-equipped with immense knowledge and experience that helps them make sure that every PC we build will serve our customer’s requirements well. We strive for excellence in client satisfaction by maximising their PC’s performance according to their budget and building the best custom Gaming PC for the best possible price!

Before the PCs are sent out, they go through a series of tests where the PC will be tested in extreme conditions to ensure it’s stability. We also carefully curate all the parts we offer to better protect our customers against instability in parts.

Boost Your Gaming PC Performance

These are the 3 core components that will determine your gaming PC’s performance:

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The GPU is a vital component of a gaming desktop that facilitates smooth and high-definition images and video rendering. The model you’ve selected will determine your game’s performance. Be sure to check out benchmarks on your selected GPU of choice before finalizing! A good way to know for sure what will fit you is to go on Youtube and search this. (Graphic Card) + (Game) + (Monitor Resolution [1080p/1440p etc] + (FPS).

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is arguably the most crucial component of your computer. It performs all the tasks you associate with computers, and the other parts primarily exist to support the CPU. The higher tiered CPUs will come with a higher # of core/thread counts to facilitate with multi-tasking and other work purposes such as video-editing, 3D-rendering. You can also look up benchmarks on the software you use to get a better idea.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM stands for random access memory, and it’s one of the most fundamental elements of computing. RAM is a temporary memory bank where your computer stores data it needs to retrieve quickly. RAM keeps data easily accessible so your processor can quickly find it without having to go into long-term storage to complete immediate processing tasks.

Why Build a Custom Gaming PC with Epic?

Custom Tailored Gaming PC built for you

Every PC that we sent out is a customized configuration that will fit our customer’s intended usage. We pride ourselves on building PCs for your budget and your requirements, nothing more, nothing less.

Professional Builders

Our technicians are tasked to complete 1 PC at a time so as to ensure that every PC is attended to with 100% of our focus!

Variety of payment options

We offer a wide range of payment options available ranging from PayNow, 4 Months Debit Card Instalments PayLater by Grab, 3 Months Debit Card Instalments Pace Pay Later, Credit Cards, in turn allowing you the ultimate flexibility to choose how you want to pay for your purchase!

Lightning-speed lead-times!

Every purchase will be built, tested rigorously and sent out in 1-3 days!

Customer Support

With every IT hardware, no matter how much QC it goes through, there is still a possibility that it might malfunction. In the event that your PC malfunctions, we will be on the ready to assist you. Every PC purchased comes with first year free on-site servicing and 3 years bring in warranty.

This just means that you are in safe hands with us!

ALL of our PCs comes with brand new parts, latest drivers installed, XMP enabled and Windows 10 Home (unactivated). All you have to do is to select the chassis of your preference and then customize your PC to fit your requirements!

Here at Epic Desktop, we provide you the freedom to build your dream gaming desktop.

Testimonials from our customers

When I finally decided to get my own PC, a friend introduced me to Epic Desktop and I'm glad to have entrusted this to them :) They were really friendly & helpful (lots of plus points) and helped me to customize a PC that would suit my needs the best (while also saving my pockets). I'm no tech-genius but they kept things fuss-free for me and even though I took a long time to finalize my order, they still delivered my PC the very next day. It's been more than half a year and I have had no problems with the PC, and whenever I had questions/needed more add-ons like a new microphone, they were always available to assist.

Thanks Epic Desktop for giving me a great build and also an awesome first experience as a PC owner, sending you guys love!

Aderxu, Twitch Streamer.

Friendly, easy-going, knowledgeable, and trustable company. Got my PC from them end of 2021 and been using it since to play games and edit videos. They will put 101% effort to get and build the best PC to your usage. Not to forget, the pricing is POWER and they will be transparent with you as they're not trying to hide anything. Thank you for this beast of a PC!

UXM, Youtube Content Creator

Got a custom built PC a few months ago and their customer service is the best I had. Recently decided to upgrade my SSD and easily arranged an appointment onsite for the installation and they also accomodated to my many queries. Goes to show they not only look out for their customers upon purchase but also provide great services post purchase.

Chandler Lim